Zamalek is an island in the Nile that basically lies between modern downtown Cairo and Giza. It is an upscale, garden area with a number of attractions as well as many embassies, schools popular, classic villas, apartments and some of the better budget hotels. Here, one finds the Cairo Marriott, one of Cairo’s favorite luxury hotels, the Gezira Sheraton which is a popular stopover for many tours entering Egypt, as well as some other good budget hotels. There is also the Gezira Club with huge green lands, a country club originally built by the British, the modern Cairo Opera House and landmarks such as the Cairo Tower. There are a number of fine restaurants, a lot of fast food western outlets and reasonable and interesting shopping. It is often a beautiful area with lush trees overgrowing streets, offering easy access to other important sections of Cairo. The Zamalek Island is connected to the east side and west side of the Nile River by group of bridges such as 15th May, Kasr El Nile Bridge. The main road dividing Zamalek north to south is The 26th of July Street, and there is Abol Feda and Gezira streets surrounding the island from the Koreneish. Zamalek is lacking for public transportation only few buses and no subways or metro stations, this is because of the richness of the inhabitants. It is also full of commercial outlets and properties for foreign company’s administration also many embassies choose to run their businesses from Zamalek offices & their representative choose in live in their better home in Zamalek. .